• January 2015: interested in NetObservatory research ? Contact us !
  • The new public report is now available! You will find it there.
  • May 2012: Presentation of the NetObservatory results to the ITSecuDay Geneva
  • March 2012: started work on integrating an online malware analysis platform


National observatory

One of the goals of NetObservatory is to become and be the national reference for the observation of the Swiss Internet. To achieve this, NetObservatory will publish on a regular basis a report containing the results of its analysis of the Swiss Internet called NORA. This analysis focuses on Swiss Internet domains and Swiss IP addresses. >Public report

Business products

While the public report helps security awareness for the general public it does not especially help companies. Many companies are unaware of the security risks they take, for example with out-dated software version. To help them, NetObservatory will provide a set of products that will support them to harden their Internet facing systems. >Services

Academic research

The NetObservatory is an active and dynamic partner in the academic research world. It supports projects who lead to improve IT security knowledges, to demonstrate security holes and explain security features. It cooperates with academic and professional partners. >Academic